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Benefits of crypto payments and DeFi projects for SMEs

2021.12.07 12:34 svanapps Benefits of crypto payments and DeFi projects for SMEs

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2021.12.07 12:34 STEVE_BOBS77 dammit roboragi

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2021.12.07 12:34 userkx can you tell how “tight” a vagina is just from the external appearance?

sometimes when i browse nsfw subreddits, i’ve seen people comment on pictures of vaginas how tight they look. is this just BS? or do certain features of the external appearance indicate how tight it is? because i always thought it just had to do with the tissue and muscles on the inside
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2021.12.07 12:34 Xamrock4 Aesthetic Japan

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2021.12.07 12:34 DawnOfLegion1 Sure Easy Pete is god and all, but when are we going to get a DLC where we play as Pete, in search for his long-lost pornstar twin brother, Hard Peter ?

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2021.12.07 12:34 justanothrsomeone My new Alocasia Heterophylla in a pot I made!

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2021.12.07 12:34 citric_acid43 Is this normal?

Hi guys, sorry if this isn’t meant for this subreddit. Basically I’m 25 years old, recently graduated from university and currently looking for work in tech. Lately I’ve just become burnt out with having gadgets. Gaming doesn’t appeal to me much anymore, and where I used to purchase the latest iPhone annually, I have kept onto my current iPhone for quite some time. I rarely shop around for gadgets anymore as it doesn’t seem to bring me any form of happiness anymore.
How about you guys?
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2021.12.07 12:34 BubbleGaff Here's what I learned on Etsy over the last 18 months.

Reasons for doing it.
My daughter was on maternity leave and wanted to do something simple low cost.
She saw a free floating string shelf at a friends and decided to put her twist on it. We first looked at postage and importantly size and weight, then designed items within those dimensions.
Then we sat down and did the materials cost, math + shipping - etsy costs. **** you have to cost everything even down to 2p for electricity for the sander- bench saw - lighting + petrol, parceling materials, latex gloves, paint brushes etc etc. Replacing tools is a factor. Wood we sourced from local timber yards. Everything else we could get, we bought on Ali Express to keep the costs down. It took forward planning but paid off.
Profit goal.
The aim was to make £20 hour. So that has to include everything, picking up materials, ordering, designing, making, taking the parcels to the post office, customer service. It was tight !! Just about made that much profit. You have to factor in every single detail or your working for nothing and its pointless. We didn't compete with others on prices we simply made different colors and sizes and included postage in the price.
I found relevant sub reddit's and posted in them, with a watermark on the photo to the etsy shop. Reddit to start, was the best source of traffic. My daughter used her Facebook and instagram friends to push them to. They then re posted on their timeline and off it went. I made a bot to post on Facebook market places.
By the time my daughter went back to her job.. about 10 months. Withing 4 months it was sometimes taking up 70 hours a week between us (more me 50 and her 20 lol ). Its the reason I closed my market place threads down, I just didn't have the time.
Now I said I costed for £20 an hour.. it ended up more like £18. Still on a good week we made about £1200 clear profit. We never factored in, lost in the post, wastage and returns etc. But sales started to drop off after Christmas for some reason and as I said my daughter went back to her job.. that she loves. I never... I repeat never, wanted to do anything other than, marketing, cutting the wood for her and occasionally packaging, plus a trip to the post office. My idea of work is not grafting in a shed for 50 hours a week and handling retarded customers, who cant even hammer a nail in the wall.
What to do now?
You would have thought, get someone in and they can make them - you make the profit? Wrong - tried that, total failure, I spent more time in the shed than before. More time dealing with irate customers. Plus I'm not a very good people person, I admit it myself. So we just advertised the shop for sale on Facebook market place.. fucking bad idea !! Don't ever do this for a handmade shop. Questions.. questions, can I do this, will this do that , how to I get this..? on and on... and on... never again! So the shop is closed as a fall back for troubled times. All the equipment is still in place and there's some stock made up, parceled and shelved.
I've gone back to making my automation bots with a nice stash in the bank to tide me over until my other stuff starts making a profit.
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2021.12.07 12:34 RepresentativeFit889 3060ti

Hi I am looking to buy a Nvidia RTX 3060ti
Preferably a 3 fan model
Budget is 600-700
Live in Vegas but will drive to Cali for in person pickup
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2021.12.07 12:34 _pechorin Car regularly blocking part of drive.

[England] Hi all, bit of advice needed. We live near a school and over the past weeks the same car has been regularly partially blocking our drop kerb driveway at the time the school finishes, making it either extremely difficult, or totally impossible to get our car on or off the drive. On one occasion I returned home and confronted the driver who feigned that they didn’t speak English, despite the children clearly trying to converse with her in said language, so in this case I doubt ‘having a word’ would do anything. Is there anything I can do legally to stop this happening again? I have video evidence from my cctv to show this happening regularly. Thanks.
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2021.12.07 12:34 Optimal_Deal4372 Anxiety around attractive person

Does anyone have experience this problem, when i'm around attractive person my anxiety arise and it make me unable to express my self, it makes me become a really quiet person, i want to fix this problem
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2021.12.07 12:34 keto_el_que_lo_lea Escuela mujicana promedio

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2021.12.07 12:34 Comfortable_Show_159 How about this video?

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2021.12.07 12:34 Sas__KP [H] Cheap XBOX Game Pass Ultimate [From $3.07/Month] [W] Paypal [+5%] / WebMoney / Crypto

Option Price
4 Months $13
9 Months $28
13 Months $40

Important notes:

  1. You get a never-before-used, fresh account with Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play on it.
  2. All games can be shared to your main account.
On XBox: You can set the account as your Home Xbox then play any game on your main account.
On PC you just download the game you want from the account then play on your main account.

PM me if you are interested. Or add me on Discord.
Discord: Sxs#3909
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2021.12.07 12:34 Lara_Ahm3d The design of the final form of the editorial complex after the completion of its development work

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2021.12.07 12:34 General_RELee Kyle Rittenhouse Responds to LeBron James Tweet: 'F-ck You'

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2021.12.07 12:34 amiqui i (17F) broke up with him (16M)

we didn’t work out, he didn’t give me the love i needed and after confronting him he said he didn’t know how he feels about most things in his life, including me. it was the last straw when he had to question his feelings for me. i brine it off then. all he could say was he was sorry after i poured my heart out to him
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2021.12.07 12:34 Ratpoisondadhelp Under left wing anarchy is taxation theft?

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2021.12.07 12:34 sarah-uv Vaccinatie houdingen

mijn naam is Sarah. Ik vroeg mij af of jullie mee zouden willen doen met mijn afstudeeronderzoek van de bachelor Informatiekunde? Ik zoek jonge mensen tussen de 18 en 40 jaar oud die twijfelen of ze zich laten vaccineren of dit niet willen. Het gaat over wat het effect is van de manier van informatie vertellen op houdingen over vaccinatie. Het maakt mij niet uit wat je mening over vaccineren is en alle gegevens blijven anoniem. Als er nog vragen of opmerkingen over mijn onderzoek, laat het mij vooral weten.
Alvast bedankt!
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2021.12.07 12:34 mill4717 Do you think GP will now hold out on any partnership news until Q1.

With divi announcements being pushed out until Q1, will he want to release everything at once?
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2021.12.07 12:34 PhilosopherNo1029 Ajoute bonesse20 sur snap 😉

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2021.12.07 12:34 diamondinthesand Incroyable sortie Détection plage avec de l'Or et de l'Argent et des ti...

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2021.12.07 12:34 Fair_Ask670 Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere

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2021.12.07 12:34 DingoNormal That time that my player decided to adopt a Vampire.

Hello again, this is the continuation of the history of my group.
>Everyone was preety tired after the fight agaist Eschurion
>AKA God of Necromancy
>Everyone decided to take the shards of is armor, after all, Orichalcum.
>The Gnome was preety pleased with the results of the battle, even if one of the players have died, they will remember him.
>In game one week as passed and they are resting, everyone already know what they have done for the continent and how they have saved everyone from becoming a undead, so it was time to advance one of the players personal quest.
>Calandria is a Human Warrior, she uses a whip, and her personal goal is to kill her fist vampire, but not any vampire, she wants her first vampire to be special, to be her mark, ''Calandria, the killer of ?'', and because of that, she aways refused to attack or kill any vampire that she considered ''not good enough''
>The Group and Calandria now with all the status of being heroes, recive the information that there is a great vampire, who was following Eschurion as one of is generals, and that is castle was now unprotected, since the forces of Eschurion died out once hes avatar was destroyed.
>Calandria thinking that this is finally her chance, decided to go alone defeat this evil, traveling various days util she was finally on her objective, The Castle of the Vampire General, Egmont. She was really really nervous and began to look at her sheet and see all her itens to use them all with max eficiency.
>When she was going to enter the castle, she notices the number of bones and putrit bodys on the entrance, the rests of the undead army who once protected the castle, but she also noticed that, the front door was open.
>She began to walk in, suspicious of all and while walking the castle, she heard steps, various and various steps, she began to follow the steps and found another Vampire Hunter, and is group, 4 NPC's in total ,level 8. One Elf Paladin, one Dwarf paladin, one Goliath paladin and one Gnoll paladin.
>Calandria imediatly began to shout and argue with the group.
>The Dwarf began to explain
''Hey, hey, Egmont have a giant bounty on is head, and the bounty is ours, is armies had finally fallen and now is the perfect chance to kill him, we will not go out of here without is body or rests.''
''No, no, no, no, no, no *Calandria began to get really mad* This is my quest, im looking for a good vampire to kill for 6 years, i will not let a group of no ones take this from me!''
''Its a race them!''
>And so the race across the castle map had as began, Calandria was winning at first, but she found a room with some tresure and decided to stop and see if she could find something usefull, and because of that, the npc group found the vampire.
>I made Egmont being a quite dificult npc, i gave him nice items and level 16, since it was the same level as Calandria, but i dint expected what would happen next.
>Once Calandria finally found to group, she refused to fight a long side them.
''I will not fight with him, its their prey now, not mine, ducking assholes.''
>As you can imagine, the group of paladins was having a gigantic hard time and Calandria was just there, watching all, and because i dint want to just explain how someone can be so beated up by a vampire, i decided to make a npc ,the daughter of the great vampire Egmont, Tally, but i made her just a kid.
>Calandria began to talk with the kid once she saw it, and so i dint have to roll dices for every action of the npcs, because the result was quite obvios, the paladins where losing, hard.
''Oh hey little kid, that guy had transformed you or something?''
''Nah, that is my papa.''
>Calandria freezes for some seconds
''Ah, i see, so, where is your mommy?, she is strong as the papa?''
''Yes!, my mom is really strong, but, she is out now, she is fighting on the war, commanding the undead to crush the living!, she is awesome!''
>Calandria lost the interest since the mother was probably dead.
''Nice to you, my mother was really weird, she was a cleric, she wanted me to be as her, someone to heal the others and dont make a move while people are needing some action.''
''Eh, my father dont like me fighting to, he says that is really dangerous, but i would love to learn how to fight.''
>The player began to smile a loot and it was kinda weird.
''Soooo, if i trained you, to become a really strong vampire, would you accept it?, you would need to let your papa and this castle for a while, but i can promise, you will be the stronger vampire that ever existed.''
>I ask for a persuasion check, she passed.
>Calandria and Tally flee the castle while the paladins where geeting their asses kicked,she joined the rest of the group after some days and the reaction of the rest of the group to this history ,was the same that i belive is the normal one.
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2021.12.07 12:34 JKilla27 Those eyes will take your soul if you arent careful.

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