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Willy Wonka was a Traveler that visited Earth in the mid-20th century

2022.01.24 03:51 ShittyWormholeAlien Willy Wonka was a Traveler that visited Earth in the mid-20th century

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2022.01.24 03:51 Sea-Shop5297 Trade

Dicks sc bb_breeden
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2022.01.24 03:51 swagNextTuber End in sight for feud by family members of late Hong Kong tycoon Henry Fok? Court hears parties reach ‘agreement in principle’

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2022.01.24 03:51 Tough_Ad_6754 Is it okay to Loose Interest in girls from my country 23M Indian.

Yeah it may sound gay, but I'm not gay. The problem here is I've tried dating girls and dated few girls from my own country, but unfortunately every relationship never lasts for more than 2 months and it happens every time. At first I thought I've some issues or maybe I'm doing mistakes (ofcourse which girls find as a red flag). But after some thorough introspection, I've recognised few things such as Maybe I'm too gentle/friendly so ended up being in a friend zone/ Bro zone. Secondly I don't have that feature what people usually call "Sex Appealing Personality" which can be the biggest turn off nowadays cause we all live in Instagram world (I don't look either Timothee or Henry Cavill). In india as a man your Job status/Wealth depicts how much credible & sexy you will be (I work in Telesales so chances are almost zero). I also don't do drugs, marijuana, LSD etc even alcohol I'm a teetotaler perhaps that shows I'm no fun or a boring mundane guy (Not even falling in bad boy category).
So these were the major points which i found about me as a red flag.
On the other hand I've also recognised some patterns from the girls side in my city where I live in, Here most of the girls choose to marry through arrange marriage connections (Ironically all of them had dated anyone before marrying to someone else) so basically they've tried to taste or tasted various cuisine/food before arriving in the traditional indian restaurant. In arrange marriage connections what generally happens is people search for marriage proposals through newspaper, Matrimony, and with the help of priests, so they can find better deal available in the market asap. So before finding the true love through this process, both the parties whether its a Groom's family or a Bride's family they present some terms and conditions to each other, if they agree on these terms and conditions then the deal is done if not then they looks for the other available options . {Terms and conditions be like :- The groom has to earn more(monthly) than the bride's whole family (annually). The groom should be well settled in a first world country with the permanent residency Visa. The groom should either have a corporate job in Maang companies or a Government job in the administrations. The bride has to be slim & fairer in colour, she should knows how to perform home chores correctly etc etc The Bride family has to offer atleast the expected amount of money before the wedding date and the rest of money can be given as bride gifts.(Dowry) so it's sort of a Business deal or transaction from both the parties.}
In the scenario of love marriages or relationships, you only get to know that you found your soulmate successfully when your partner can afford a weekly holiday trip of Maldives/Dubai/Bali on vacations, if they can't then the arrange marriage option is always open. In my city people love to pretend liberal but still choose the same lucrative options.
So in conclusion :- I've found that as an average indian guy dating is pretty much useless untill you've some other naughty wishes (FWB/Casual/ONS But these things only happens with those who are extremely attractive with higher sex appealing traits) if I'm looking for a sustainable long term relationship in my country it can be real pain in the ass (but dating has to be fun, right?) and through dating, finding a genuine indian girl who can invest in a relationship for longer period of time is almost negligible (cause she got more options than any avg indian male, she doesn't have to put as much effort) not to mentioned Now-a-days there's a trend in india to marry a first world countries white male or female (obviously who got their shit togetheElite & rich Indians go for that option). Therefore I'm starting to loose interest in Indian girls as a reliable partner (while living in this country itself) Where i can't see any growth romantically or strong sustainable bond in future.
I really hope my new perception about dating indian girls will change in near future, let's hope for the best!
Edit:- Grammar.
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2022.01.24 03:51 swagNextTuber Scandal-hit Hong Kong home affairs chief’s future uncertain, with suspension set to continue, source says

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2022.01.24 03:51 famine90 Union negotiations

For most of my life I considered myself a red-blooded American. I very much bought into the conservative propaganda. For me, "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" was a very real thing, in part influenced by my family's experience. You see, all of my great grandparents immigrated to the US from Mexico. My maternal grand mother grew up only speaking Spanish. Her most educated parent had an 8th grade education. Yet she went on to earn a bachelor's, 2 masters, and a doctorate. My parents (3rd generation) are very well off. So I said to myself "see, pulling yourself up works!".
As I've grown I've had a change of heart from conservative to libertarian, favoring a very limited government and power in the hands of the people. As I've thought more about what that means, I've leaned more and more toward putting power into our hands everywhere.
Now as a fully grown adult well into his career, and seeing how hard my Co workers and I work only to get shat on by our employer, I've become disenfranchised by the whole system.
I used to be against unions, thinking that everything that unions fight for today are already guaranteed protections under law. Boy how wrong I was. I've now joined our union negotiating team and will be fighting for a living wage for my fellow EMTs, along with good PTO and health care. I won't accept anything less.
A fed up paramedic.
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2022.01.24 03:51 HikariRikue You get randomly placed in the world immediately with a unlimited supply of money. Where do you go and what do you do?

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2022.01.24 03:51 TheEngineer19203 Vader: It's Obi-Wan. You were mind tricked by Obi-Wan back on Tatooine!

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2022.01.24 03:51 swagNextTuber China vows greater support for start-ups, small firms as Big Tech firms continue to reel from year-long crackdown

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2022.01.24 03:51 Shackled_Form LF simple god and monster designs for information page at start of novel

Good afternoon,
I was originally intending to buy images rights online, however have run into a problem. The different artstyles are too jarring for my novel.
I need the following simple graphics created (in the style like you'd find on an Ancient Greek vase) for a whole list of ancient greek dieties and monsters. They need to small and simple, yet unique enough to tell them apart.
This is for use in the upcoming Ultimate Edition of my second novel 'Rise Golden Apollo'. Obviously I will need the rights to use the images publicly.
So far the list of beings I need the graphics made for include:
- Hades - Demeter - Apollo - Cerberus - The Furies - Aion - Hecatoncheries etc etc
And some elements of Christain mythology in the same style.
If someone wants to take up the contract I will provide details of the critical elements to include.
The art is meant to be quick and simple, not complex. Looking for a quick, efficient job thats not too expensive (the book isnt a best seller - or sells at all currently!)

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2022.01.24 03:51 Hitsfromthebong69 Who trying make video with me

I'm 18 from Ashland ohio looking for any white girls my dick is pretty big
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2022.01.24 03:51 Any-Explorer-8378 Sweet dream~

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2022.01.24 03:51 Cuntasaurus_wrecks TPLO post-op day 4 bowel incontinence

My dog is a 4 1/2-year-old corgi pitbull mix who had a TPLO on Wednesday. When he came home on Thursday he expelled a tremendous amount of anal gland juice all over me :( and now he’s not retaining his poop (slow leak- little poo balls). I was able to arrange working remotely last week and this upcoming week to watch him. His follow up is on the 31st and they do not at all seem concerned about it being neurological but he has never had this problem before and he’s not that medicated.
My concerns are 1) obviously if it was neurological and the surgery was not the right course. 2) What I do in the meantime to help him be comfortable without sedation 3) more urgently how to keep his wound clean if he is constantly leaking feces. I can tell he’s embarrassed too I feel really bad.
Everything I’ve read online says that this is abnormal post-op and I am scared. He’s my service dog- I am dependent on him and I love him tremendously.
TLDR; Dog had TPLO and now has unexplainable bowel incontinence. ISO some hope.
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2022.01.24 03:51 Langoustina DAE sometimes get the feeling that they did something horrible in the past but forgot about it and are waiting for it to come back to haunt them?

Sometimes I get these overwhelming waves of fear and guilt, like I did something horribly wrong and I can't remember what it was. I often have dreams about hiding bodies, so when I get these waves of fear I associate them with me maybe having killed or hurt someone and then just forgot about it. (in spite of that being literally impossible. I have a great memory, I know where I've been and what I've done!) I often fear that someday the police will come get me for a crime I don't remember committing. I know this is probably anxiety related, but I was wondering if anyone else ever felt this way. The only people in my life that I've told were weirded out and said "no."
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2022.01.24 03:51 Careless4uncaring pictures i took in a medieval looking school with modern parts that hosted a competition yesterday

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2022.01.24 03:51 bruisedonion Looking the episode where Vaughn and Sydney are on the phone to each other and she tells him not to kill Lauren or he'll go to jail.

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2022.01.24 03:51 The_Real_Mofuzz Just got a Flux Beamo. Still dialing in the power settings.

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2022.01.24 03:51 Solo_In_Aeternum I'm on the verge of suicide rn and nothing helps

I can't get rid of these unbearable emotions. Antidepressants don't help, nor do Xanax and antipsychotics. Been in therapy for 4 years and it's only helped me get rid of my social anxiety. I can't take this pain anymore.
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2022.01.24 03:51 mkdir_not_war Kalarel's red coins - question

Just ran my first session, used the Kalarel in the tavern scene to GREAT effect. But now I'm left with a question: why is the barkeep so disinclined to get more of the red gold? Why is the red gold bad? I don't know the canonical answer, so I've come up with an idea -- those holding the red coins relive the lives and especially the moments leading up to the deaths of the ones the coins were exchanged for -- but then wouldn't you just throw out the coins? Why even keep them around?
My other idea was the opposite plan: just reloving the best moments of the dead one's lives. Only good vibes. And it's addictive, so you don't want to let go of the gold.
Anyway, looking for what others have decided or read. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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2022.01.24 03:51 F_for_Respect_69 Corona sucks

Not the beer tho
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2022.01.24 03:51 ralphmarx So this happened! Tonight in Fort Worth!

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2022.01.24 03:51 3point14guy Pi Mining 24/7 – KYC Verified – Use referral code and welcome to Team GrumpyGuy!

Maximize your bonus Pi’s since I mine 24/7. I passed KYC so you can count on the Pi that we each earn together as a team. I am a node candidate, currently running the blockchain on Testnet. Thanks!
Referral link:
Invitation code: GrumpyGuy
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2022.01.24 03:51 rameowae completed webtoon recommendations?

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2022.01.24 03:51 procryptoclass NBA Top Shots NFT Sales Surged 72% In the Past Month

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2022.01.24 03:51 Xterminatordale SocialGood Referral Code $200 Reward!!

Simply sign up using my code and then spend $30 at any store through their app and we both get $200 in their crypto which after a week or two can be withdrawn and sold!! I have already done it twice. You also get money back in crypto for every dollar you spend. I have ordered items from Best Buy and Ali express. It sounds to good to be true but if you are wary do your own research and come back and use my code please. If you use my code DM me and I’ll use your referral codes for other apps!
Use invitation code: AW9DMA
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