Do any of the expedition’s give batteries???

2022.01.26 23:17 JoshuaSwanson Do any of the expedition’s give batteries???

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2022.01.26 23:17 LulTimsChoppa Biggest party pooper

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2022.01.26 23:17 whiskey-monk My first Falcom game! Figured I'd start here, beat this series, then get into Legends of Heroes. Looking forward to growing my collection :)

My first Falcom game! Figured I'd start here, beat this series, then get into Legends of Heroes. Looking forward to growing my collection :) submitted by whiskey-monk to Falcom [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 23:17 quintana_pt3 QC on these Shadow 1 OG’s? How they looking

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2022.01.26 23:17 Rage_bean I would like to send a basket to hospital staff, Covid friendly recommendations?

So I was in emergency about a month ago for a torn hamstring - flexibility training gone wrong - and the staff that saw me were phenomenal. Despite me being emotional (read: bawling like a baby) about possibly not being able to practice or work for a long time, they were so kind and patient.
I would like to send something to the emergency department staff to thank them, not just for what they did for me personally but for what they do for everyone. I called the hospital and asked for their rules on accepting gifts and the only rule is things need to be individually wrapped. The only thing I can think to send is flowers and a written card. Do I have any other options?
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2022.01.26 23:17 jay-are79 biancamarieex_3 on Snapchat

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2022.01.26 23:17 CautiousAccess713 How do I get into the vending machine business?

How much startup capital do I need?
What supplies and inventory is required?
Can i operate this by myself?
Where do I put them? (Looking to buy more than one)
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2022.01.26 23:17 lowlifedougal The Awesome 2 rocking Hip Hop Classics

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2022.01.26 23:17 Qaben What could’ve possibly happened?

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2022.01.26 23:17 demi_uzumaki AoT Season 4 Two Brothers

Wasn’t expecting any of what happened in that episode they did a damn good job man, I know there stuff that manga fans probably don’t like about it, and I can totally see reasons behind that, pacing or lack of content that was put into the episode compared to what was in the manga so I 100% understand that.
But wow man, everything Zeke, Falco, the head shot, the ending like one thing after another i was in complete awe of it all. I do not know how the series ends I have been told bits and pieces and have tried my best to avoid it. (So please as a fellow fan do me a solid and don’t spoil anything) I know this fandom is a hardcore one and can be a bit extra a times but I know we all have one thing in commons and that’s loving this show/manga and one thing I can say again is “wow”
Also side note - CGI looking pretty crispy 👀
Any particular gripes that you guys had on this epsiode? Pacing? Animation? Etc? Curious to see what answers come up ❤️
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2022.01.26 23:17 CalculatedCody9 Oh, me? I’m just pointing at a person who needs to realize that they are awesome.

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2022.01.26 23:17 D36u9 Wild Rift Skin Giveaway
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2022.01.26 23:17 siikdUde What do you guys think happened at 28sec? PAC or Artifact? I didn't feel anything.

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2022.01.26 23:17 MrMan_tooth Making gale a libertarian was a stroke of genius

Gale is probably the smartest guy on the show, buy a lot. His lifestyle is interesting and one that Vince and others probably spent a lot of time thinking up. His amazing coffee, something that Walt drinks everyday but never thought to attempt to make better let alone perfect it the way gale did, I think conveys that he’s smarter than even Walt.
The commentary on political theory is interesting to me as I always thought libertarians are all stupid. I’ve been wrong about that partially. In theory they are right as gale argues however in practice, In the real world, libertarianism would blow up in their faces. Too many bad actors.
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2022.01.26 23:17 seismicpower1 What is this haircut called

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2022.01.26 23:17 geesebibbles Foundation looks terrible?

Hello! Every time i apply foundation it looks like it doesnt stick, and it looks dry and cracks so easily. It also does not cover my acne at all. I would take a pic but my camera quality sucks. Any tips?
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2022.01.26 23:17 Corican Stake your VINU on Digifinex and get up to 75% APY!

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2022.01.26 23:17 SelectAssociation6 How do I get slower?

Serious question, I see it a lot on this subreddit, but how do I actually run slow? I'm trying to slow down but my HR and pace won't drop?
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2022.01.26 23:17 oldsideofyoung Streak 303: Ein Jahr unterwegs, Teil 53 - Noch einmal im Sumpf

Die Fahrt durch Mississippi war teilweise schön, aber überall nicht sehr interessant. Ich denke, es war langweiliger wegen der Straßen, auf denen wir gefahren sind. Diese Landstraßen waren leider nicht die schöne Art, die sich durch Wälder und über Hügel schlängeln. Sie waren Schnellstraßen, für die die Bäumen gefallen und die Hügel eingeebnet werden.
Ich bin drei Jahren davor die ganze Natchez Trace gefahren, die etwa 500 Kilometer durch Mississippi geht. Sie war wie ein grüner Tunnel aus Bäumen, grundsätzlich das Gegenteil dieser Schnellstraßen. Zum Gluck war die Fahrt durch Louisiana nach Grand Isle interessanter.
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2022.01.26 23:17 ZackYeon Hi everyone! I'm open for digital pet portraits. Feel free to Dm me if interested, Thank you! :)

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2022.01.26 23:17 ringstarz123 Legs crossed

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2022.01.26 23:17 JudgementalButCute What's one life-skill you wish you were taught in school ?

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2022.01.26 23:17 Leather-Let-5942 He'll be grinning all the way to the bank as he sells these toys

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2022.01.26 23:17 LimpAirport Check out my friend's live twitch stream!
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2022.01.26 23:17 Minisnot18 I craved you, and I hate it

I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided our paths should cross, I don’t know why I impulsively decided to meet you out of all people. I’m not that kind of person that believes in fate or anything like that, but I just remember I fell for whatever I saw in your eyes. I guess I was drowning so badly, helplessly losing myself and I unconsciously got obsessed with you as a way to cope. It’s like a hopeless fight that continues on for years consuming every part of me, making me hate everything about myself and drown in what I believed was an endless nightmare; before I saw you. I guess, as I noticed you, I thought it must be nice, to laugh and talk to others in a situation that made me want to die even more than before. I guess, I was curious, what it felt like to be like that. So I talked to you.
I was surprised by how nice you were, how actually interesting it was, how entertaining everything was. Someone actually reaching out, someone actually welcoming me without me having to do anything extraordinary, without me doing all the effort, finally feeling like I found a way to fit in this miserable world. It seemed as if you were lonely too, as if you also remotely enjoyed the moments you spent with me. Imagine suffocating and suddenly feeling alive all at once, imagine everyday remembering you’re pathetic but suddenly having someone to call, someone to make you forget about it all.
I realized how normal people live, and how much I had missed out. But it didn’t matter, because you gave that feeling to me, you made me think I could be accepted somehow. I probably shouldn’t have told you I liked you that way, I should’ve controlled myself or wait a little longer. It didn’t matter though, because you said you “sincerely liked “ me. I believed it somehow. I guess that’s when it all started to fade away, that feeling, that safety I found, it all went downhill.
I can say you were kind unlit the very end, you didn’t say the scary words I didn’t want to hear, you didn’t say “I’m bored of you” or “ I never liked you”, you didn’t insult me or harm me. You just left, and I didn’t have the energy to chase you anymore. I’m guilty too, I wanted you to leave for a bit, because my sanity was falling apart again. My mental health was threatening the peace I had found, and before I could even heal, you were already gone. It’s like, I was left again in the same dark place I was so familiar with but with the knowledge there was light somewhere and now it’s forever extinguished. It’s as if life finally got better; but it was just a sick prank. It’s like I was hallucinating everything and only lost all my senses even more. That’s why, I can’t hate you even if I try to. I can’t put the blame on you, you didn’t make me this way. I just despise you for being careless, for telling me such pretty lies. But I can’t lie, I was just happy and stupid with you. I was stupid, finally.
Sometimes It scares me to think I’m already dead to you. It feels unfair that you and everyone else are okay. It’s like the worst gift I ever received, being a figurant in someone’s life but thinking I’m a main character. Everything is back into place but with painful memories for me. Here I am, drowning and suffocating again , and here you are probably just laughing and talking to others. Why can’t it be me instead? I wonder.
As I wonder, as I’m faced with what I could call the worst period of my life, I think I miss you. I miss how you made me feel, I miss the way every boring thing I despised suddenly seemed interesting with you. Maybe I just miss the ideal version of you in my head. You know if you ever happen to wonder, I’m not really okay. I don’t think I ever was. In terms of studying, I’m probably gonna fail. I so wish you could help me understand the fuckery I have to revise. Socially speaking, you already know I’m the worst. I wish I could make stupid dumb plans with you again or something. Do you remember the casino thing? Or all the stupid things we said out of boredom.
I wish you could get the impulsive urge to come to my life on your own, to shatter everything all over again one more time. I need to feel at least less miserable before I leave. Anyways, deep down I know, everyone I ever knew never really cared; you aren’t an exception and it’s already dead the same way I am dead inside. I’m just contemplating the way everything is pointless, and I recalled your memories again. I think there’s something inherently wrong with me and the way I am, the way I suffer, the way I’m constantly afraid and terrified of everything.
I decided that I’d give this at last one more year. I wonder how it’s all gonna go, I wonder what’s gonna happen, but I hope I will at least get delivered from the disgusting thought of you, before I can probably no longer breath. I wonder what I’m even saying here, all I did was once again relate the way I met you in my own words. It’s like I don’t even have anything to say to you anyways, it’s like you’re dead to me but your memories linger too much. I’m probably insane, or obsessed with what I dislike to call the past, I’m probably like a capricious kid crying because I can’t have that one candy I’ve laid my eyes one. They say, there’s plenty of fish in the sea, but how can I forget the one that made me swim, and drown at the same time?
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