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Finally came up with a new label that fits: tritota aroace

2022.01.24 02:52 UchuuHana Finally came up with a new label that fits: tritota aroace

Hello! After some thought, I've decided to make a term that describes an aroace that feels all forms of tertiary attraction - tritota (try-toe-tah) aroace. This is not the same as a pan/omni aroace. Tri = tertiary, tota = coming from latin word totum meaning whole. Decided to go with tritota instead of tota, because I didn't want to give the implication that it made someone a superior "whole-aroace" as we are all intrinsically whole. Definitely feel free to shorten it to tt aroace in text form if needed.
Idk about any colors for flags yet, and I am open to ideas.
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2022.01.24 02:52 MadScientistNinja A question about the qualifications of The Lord Ruler

Spoilers for all of Mistborn Era 1 and Secret History:
Was Rashek Connected enough to both Preservation and Ruin that he could have played the same role as Sazed at the end of Hero of Ages? He did hold Preservation briefly with the original Ascension and by all accounts Ruin has been whispering to him and subtly influencing him for over a thousand years. Makes me wonder if perhaps Rashek featured in Leras's original plan when he set everything in motion
Inspired by a great hypothetical from another post here about what people would do if they woke up as the Lord Ruler at around the beginning of Final Empire, but I felt this was off topic enough to warrant a new post.
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2022.01.24 02:52 henssuschen123 “My body, my choice” but only when it serves your argument

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2022.01.24 02:52 NFT_DigitalArt FREE NFT AND PS5 GIVEAWAY [X-post from /r/opensea]

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2022.01.24 02:52 crust_bucket_69 spike<3

ive never been into animated characters..like EVER but spike spiegel is the hottest anime character and he could lowkey get it, yup
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2022.01.24 02:52 justcuriouslybrowsin Member of the Blackwater Athletic Club, looking for his missing teammates

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2022.01.24 02:52 S_berserk_J Hr 7 quest PC

Anyone wanna play with me
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2022.01.24 02:52 lidkabanditka I wish you all a great week

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2022.01.24 02:52 si_the_programmer Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series [1920x1279]

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2022.01.24 02:52 homelessfish22 Always relapse when drunk

I have pretty good control these days of my PMO habits. Rarely even have a desire to watch it.
Except when I drink. I’m not a raging alcoholic but I drink when there’s a special occasion on.
Sometimes I’ll get lucky at a party and take a girl home with me and have sex. Sometimes not so lucky.
When I get back home I’m insanely horny and playing with my hand isn’t enough to make my libido drop. So I end up watching porn ... and then 1 time turns into 10.
I feel like absolute shit Rn. This is one of the biggest reasons I don’t drink. Even though I had a great time, in the end I did something stupid.
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2022.01.24 02:52 puplelily3 Need to lose the last 12lbs/5.5kg

Heyo! The last year I’ve lost around 28lbs with CICO but recently it doesn’t seem to work very well.. it feels like I’ve hit some sort of “wall” which if I try to pass I get extremely hungry and tired all the time and it’s very frustrating. I tried upping my cals to 1300 to still lose weight but I’m still starving most of the time.. for the record I’m an 18 year old female who now weighs around 117lbs and wants to drop to 105lbs~
I’ve seen that intermittent fasting has benefits in both making you feel less hungry and energizing you and I’ve been wanting to give it a try for a long time but I really have no idea where to start. What’s a beginner friendly fasting regiment for someone with school who needs to eat in the morning or otherwise will NOT be able to focus?
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2022.01.24 02:52 Ok_Set_4553 Kinda feel bad for Zeke 😢

Monet done made this nigga retarded. Held him back 4 years for the whole time he was in school. That’s why he needs Tariq to tutor him. Imagine having a tutor 6 years younger than you.. Short bus status 🚌
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2022.01.24 02:52 russvee7 Keyboard that switches voices easily?

Hi everyone,
First time in here, please let me know if I'm breaking any rules. I've been interested in buying a smaller synth or keyboard, (Around 49 keys) and using it for worship services.
I'm not trying to do anything fancy, all I'm really looking for is to be able to switch between voices easily, preferable with programmable pads or buttons.
For example, I'd like to program the keyboard like this
Pad1: Piano
Pad2: Piano and Strings
Pad3: Organ
Pad4: Synth
Pad5: Trumpet Section
We only have one keyboard player, so it would be really useful for her to be able to switch between a piano voice and a synth voice with the touch of a button.
I'm mainly a guitar player and I own a Line6 Pod Go, anyone familiar with that piece of hardware, you're easily able to switch between presets with the tap of your foot. That's the kind of versatility I'm looking for.
Sorry if this question has been asked before, but I'm really not sure WHAT to Google when researching this topic. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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2022.01.24 02:52 misatoburgerking Dead space 🥶🥶🥶

Which dead space game do you guys like the most?
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2022.01.24 02:52 Sharkopath186 I’ve been blackmailed and I’m scared of what will happen next

I am an 18 year old guy. I did something incredibly stupid and sexted with a suspicious account through Instagram. I did something even dumber and joined the video call they started. Long story short they got a video of me masturbating and threatened to send to all my friends and family if I didn’t pay them money, saying they’ll delete it if I did, oh what an idiot I was. I panicked and forked over cash. Only for them to delete the video from the desktop and then ask for more to delete from their files. So me being a complete and under panicked idiot did so. Then again with a USB drive. I am a spineless fool that couldn’t that gave all my money to this blackmailer. It’s only after they thought I had went to sleep did I look up what I was supposed to when I am being blackmailed, I know I’m a genius. I ended up blocking the person and trying to tell all my followers to block them as well and don’t accept any messages from them. I am scared of what’s going to happen. I made a big mistake, I’ve definitely learned from. I hate myself than it took me literally losing all my money and still possible complete reputation suicide to learn from it.
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2022.01.24 02:52 candlecart Cuffed, 45x45cm, plus punch hole, this is my partner posing.

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2022.01.24 02:52 Short-Tie-9645 Store bought gift card

I bought a $30 gift because I don’t own a credit card and when I put all the info in it said I need credit card information. Is my phone bugging or do I actually need a credit card to get crave?? and was this a waste of money :’)
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2022.01.24 02:52 Mouze17 Mawile on me. 2100 5515 7499

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2022.01.24 02:52 writer-e-s-gibson My boss rejected my 4 day work week pitch, but he also encouraged me to try again at a later date with different information...

I have no idea how to feel about this. I put a lot of research into it, and it seemed to impress him, but he said that he wouldn't be able to move ahead with it yet, saying that he wasn't saying "no" as much as "not right now". He told me that if I could find information that supports the idea in our field and department, he'd be willing to hear it out again, and he made it clear that he liked the amount of effort and determination I put into it.
I'm so bummed that I haven't convinced him yet, but it's strange that he's actively encouraging me to try again. Am I missing something?
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2022.01.24 02:52 BurgundyBabe31 Your voice

I dreamt about your voice last night
It was
All at once
Now all I can think about is
Will I ever hear it again?
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2022.01.24 02:52 assagitaz Winslow - Mad in Tents [Hospital Records]

Publisher: Hospital Records
Out Date: 2022-01-21
Quality: MP3 10.93 Mb / AIFF 47.97 Mb
Genre: Drum & Bass
Winslow - Mad in Tents / (Key Cm, BPM 88, Length 4:32)​
DOWNLOAD - https://progonlymusic.com/index.php?route=release/release&release_id=529835
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2022.01.24 02:52 TopStockJock Does your dobie smell your nuts?

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2022.01.24 02:52 Colourblindness What’s up with Memphis’ outrage and double standards about lying?

Her sudden change about learning that Hamza lied about his age baffles me. This woman promised Hamza’s mom she would respect her wishes and not sleep with her son while staying at their home. This is a way bigger promise than the white lie Hamza made about his age and yet she is ready to throw the relationship out the window? Am I missing something here or is she clearly using double standards here and deciding that she gets to choose when it’s ok to break promises??
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2022.01.24 02:52 WhenHenry Can you get banned for using the razer kishi?

So this is a concern I have been getting when playing cod with the razer kishi, since it is not officially supported, I had to use a third party software to map my buttons to make it works since I do not have a bluetooth controller at home to connect to, which brings out my main concern, since I am mapping the buttons, it means that I am queued with mobile players instead of controller players as it should when you connect a controller via bluetooth, is this a banable offense?
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2022.01.24 02:52 HumerusAnecdote LF: any lotad

I have HA Torchic, totadile, Gible, and poliwhirl I can exchange. I also have some enigma berries I can offer in exchange.
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